Four years ago the SALTY DUCK thought it would be good to open a craft beer bar and were overwhelmed by the response of our friends, so since then we have brought Fort Walton Beach many tastes from local breweries and from across the country, we are the original American craft beer bar in Fort Walton Beach and we pride ourselves in bringing new and different brews to the local crowds and to you, at a price that is way affordable compared to those other guys.

So if you're looking for rare and exclusive American craft beers available in the local area we are the guys that have them and if you're looking for big-name, nationally and internationally marketed commercial beers, we have a few,  but so does the grocery store just down the street... just sayin. 

Don't forget to stop in during one of the Pub Crawl's to catch some local scenery/fun and remember......stay classy Fort Walton.